Astoria Wainwright

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Bericht van Astoria Wainwright op di jun 20, 2017 9:33 pm

FULL NAME: Astoria Merope Wainwright
Nickname: Astoria, Tori
AGE: Twenty-three
Birthday: 7 August
Zodiac: Leo
Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Fergus Wainwright (father)
  • Lucretia Wainwright née Endicot (mother)
Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship status: Single
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/her
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Briggs-Myers: ESTJ
Socioeconomic class: Upper Class
Membergroup: Citizen
Current residence: Wainwright Manor
Faceclaim: Scarlett Byrne

f a m i l y
[father] Fergus Wainwright. 58. Banker. Fergus is the patriarch of the family, who inherited the business from his father and is training his daughter to take over the business once he retires. He’s strict and perfectionist, expecting the best from both himself and others. He’s less concerned with his daughter’s marriage as of yet, preferring to leave those matters to his wife. Of the two, he’s the more affectionate parent, giving into Astoria’s every whim.

[mother] Lucretia Wainwright née Endicott. 44. Social butterfly. Lucretia is the very picture of sophisticated grace. She hasn’t worked a single day in her life, living first off of her father’s fortune and after that off of her husband’s. She’s cool and distant as a mother, sparse in her affections. She has no higher aspirations in life than to see her daughter marry well and rise on the social ladder. She secretly dislikes how Fergus is grooming Astoria to take over the bank, since she envisions a life for Astoria that’s very similar to her own.

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h o m e
The family home of the Wainwrights, which has belonged to the family for several generations, is a stately mansion located in the upper class district of the city. It is at the top of a long series of steps, meant to dissuade anyone who doesn’t have pressing business with anyone of the family, and sealed off from the rest of the district with a wrought-iron gate which is always closed, though only locked at night. The mansion itself is three stories high and spotlessly clean, with several wings for every member of the family and one for the servants. Astoria is situated in the eastern wing, which is more like a comfortable apartment. She has her own bathroom, bedroom, study, and sitting room. She spends most of her time there, only crossing into the main wing for meals and for meetings with her father, whom she occasionally also accompanies to the bank. To the back of the house, well-hidden from view from the street, is a large garden.

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l o o k s
Astoria is tall and all legs. She takes good care of her body and minds what she eats. Her dark hair is wavy and reaches halfway down her back. It’s usually done up in an elaborate bun or curls or whatever unique style Astoria’s maid can come up with in the morning. Astoria taste is expensive, which is reflected in both her clothing (lavish and made from expensive fabrics) and her jewellery. She’s rarely seen in anything other than a dress and always wears heels to accentuate her figure. Her jewellery, most of which was gifted to her by her father, consist of a pair of sparkly earrings, a ring, and several bracelets. She detests necklaces and is never seen wearing one.

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p e r s o n a l i t y
Hard-working. Despite her upbringing, Astoria doesn’t mind working. She hates being idle and likes going over numbers and figures, which annoys her mother to no end but which Astoria finds oddly satisfying. She used to detest her father’s business when she was younger and all that was on her mind was socialising and living the good life, but she has since settled down. (Part of her work ethic stems from her desire to provide for herself if worst comes to worst and her parents find out about her orientation, though of course she keeps this a well-guarded secret.)

Family first. It’s been one of the core values of the Wainwright family for many years: family comes first, above all social, political, or other obligations. The members of the family defend each other and their reputation fiercely, and Astoria is no exception. She does anything her father asks of her and doesn’t think twice about fulfilling her filial and family duty when it’s asked of her. Part of her devotion stems from what she has been taught throughout her childhood, but much of it can also be attributed to the fact that she simply loves her family above anyone else.

Passionate. Though she hides it well, Astoria has a warm heart and cares deeply about a great many things – just not about the general population. Once she’s fallen for someone, her feelings run deeper than she dares to let on and she’ll be willing to do almost anything for that particular person, even at the cost of herself.

Secretive. Any self-respecting member of the upper class has at least a secret or five, but Astoria guards hers with more fervour than most. She isn’t generous with her trust and doesn’t completely open up even to those she does trust. She knows how to act the part that’s expected of her so that her secrets stay just that, and she’s a proficient liar to boot.

Spoilt. Because of her family’s social standing and lifestyle, Astoria has never wanted for anything. Even as an adult, she still expects the world to cater to her whims, and it often does, and she can get angry whenever she doesn’t get what she wants.

Snob. Put simply, Astoria thinks she’s better than anyone else – or, rather, that her family is better than anyone else, and she is as well by extension. She doesn’t make a secret of detesting the lower classes – and don’t even get her started on the outsiders. She has a grudging respect for the Winter family because she understands social and political hierarchy, but not for most others.

Inflexible. Astoria doesn’t like being wrong. She also doesn’t like having to change her well-made plans or accommodate anyone’s feelings. Astoria does what Astoria wants and she doesn’t like deviating from her plans if she can help it. It also means that she’s not likely to change her views on something – or someone – unless something drastic happens that forces her to change them.

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h i s t o r y
The Wainwright family is known throughout the city as the one to go to when you need your finances sorted. They’ve held the monopoly on the banking business ever since Septimus Wainwright established the business eighty years ago, and still stand strong to this day. Their hard work – and, let’s face it, the extra earnings they occasionally take from their clients under the guise of interest or an imaginary fee – have made them into a wealthy family and a household name in the upper district of the city. The business has been passed from father to son from its very inception, so when Lucretia Wainwright gave birth to a daughter twenty-three years ago, everyone expected her and Fergus to try for another child, so Fergus would have a son to pass the bank down to. But no other child came. Astoria Wainwright remained the only heir.

Astoria grew up wealthy, with a father who gave her everything she could possibly want and a mother who reminded her time and time again that as a Wainwright, she was better than most of the city, with perhaps the exception of the Winters up in their mansion on the mountain. She was taught to disregard the working classes and only engage with the middle class when absolutely necessary—and as far as the Wainwrights were concerned, the Outsiders were less than human. Astoria took to these views easily, perfecting a condescending sneer at an early age and an air of affected disinterest not much later. She was the perfect daughter, always charming and obedient and with a sharp tongue when required. She was, after all, better than all the rest.

The perfect picture that was Astoria was shattered when she was fifteen. She was old enough, at that age, to realise that she would one day have to marry a man of her mother’s choosing an bear him children, but she slowly became aware of it that the prospect bothered her for reasons she didn’t yet know—not enough to start resisting any future engagement and eventual marriage, but enough to give her pause. It was several months later that she realised that the prospect of marrying a man wasn’t that abhorrent; it was the prospect of lying with him. She decided not to worry about it, attributing it to general nervousness about her first time.

It wasn’t until weeks later, when she was stopping by one of her father’s clients, dogging her father’s footsteps, and saw a scantily clad woman slip out through the back door, that she realised her reluctance to lie with a man wasn’t due to nerves, but rather something else entirely. The woman’s curvy hips looked enticing, after all, and her lips drew Astoria’s attention immediately when the woman turned around by the door to cast a teasing smile in the direction of Astoria and her father. She caught herself wondering what they tasted like.

Startled, she forced the thoughts to the back of her mind and hurriedly directed her gaze elsewhere. What if her father caught on that she had been staring? But her father hadn’t noticed; he was grumbling under his breath about how he had hoped certain people would have had the decency to send their whores off before he arrived to talk about their finances. Astoria smiled in what she hoped looked like sympathy and followed her father into his client’s office. She resolved, then and there, that she would never tell anyone about what she had discovered about herself. This would be her best-guarded secret yet. No one would know.

Life continued on as it always had, in spite of the secret burning in Astoria’s chest. She smiled and charmed her way around her father’s clients, applied herself to her studies, danced with bachelors at parties to appease her mother, and remained the picture of perfection. No one ever guessed that underneath the smiles and the splendour and the well-aimed sneers, Astoria Wainwright was terrified.

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t r i v i a
» Though there has been much speculation as to why Fergus and Lucretia never had another child, it simply had to do with the fact that Lucretia was unable to conceive a second time. Fergus never contemplated divorcing her and trying for a male heir with a second wife; despite appearances, he loved his wife too much.
» Astoria isn’t allowed to curse at home and has never done so; she usually doesn’t curse when she’s around people of her own standing, either. She has a large vocabulary, though, which includes many colourful curses she saves for appropriate times.
» Astoria hates wine, though she has to drink it at dinner nearly every day. She prefers, much to her horror, a pint of beer or ale.
» Since her first discovery that she liked girls, Astoria has had crushes on several women, mostly in her immediate social circle. She has never been in love before and has never acted on any of her crushes.
» Though her mother insisted she receive music lessons when she was younger, Astoria never had the aptitude to play an instrument. She can sing fairly well, though.

all my secrets ,

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Welkom in de RPG!

welcome to moscow where faded and fading princesses live


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