Talulah Chilam Juan

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Bericht van Talulah Chilam Juan op ma jun 05, 2017 5:47 pm

NAME● Talulah Chilam Juan
DATE OF BIRTH● Sometime at night on a spring day.
PLACE OF BIRTH● Somewhere in the nature, not far away from a village.
NICKNAME● Lula, Tali
AGE● Eight
GENDER● Female ♀

SHY● Talulah never has been an outgoing person. Despite the fact that her parents always encouraged her to be no one else but herself. She has a hard time expressing her thoughts and feelings. This has become even harder for her when she got old enough to notice the way the city looks upon outsiders. As if the way they life makes them beasts instead of normal human beings. Her original origin from this shyness is found in her earlier history and character. She never had to grab the spotlight and was always easygoing. She just didn't see the need to speak a lot and didn't like much attention. Just let her do her own thing in her own way without to much of questioning. That is the way she prefers things.

INTELLIGENT● Talulah is silent but extremely smart. This in a different way than the people of the city are used to. She knows much about nature and animals, but not that much about people. While Talulah knows how to keep herself safe, by keeping to herself, she doesn't really realise what is going on in the mind of others. Even though she has a hard time interpreting thoughts and feelings, she is able to speak up in an incredible gentle, firm and smart way. This has been influenced by her past experiences. She knows how to help other people without bringing them down or giving them the creeps. However, she does not like to share her wisdom with those who are not used to living in the wilds. Even if they are one almost the same page as her, she mostly opens up to other outsiders. Especially those who view the nature the same way as she does. As a living being.

HASTY● Talulah is always bussy with something. She just feels the need to do something. She can't just sit and do nothing or stare at things. She has to move around doing shores or helping others. To keep her mind at rest she better can have something in her hands. Talulah has trouble sitting in large groups and because of that has to make up good excuses, which is only easier if she has really something planned to do. Beside that working on much at the same time gives her the feeling of being useful. She prefers to have no time to think something over to long, mainly because it won't change any situation and sometimes going into a situation head first can help.

CONTROLLING● Talulah is very controlling about some things. Mainly on the way people treat the enviroment. She has learned from her mother how useful medical plants can be, and has a huge respect for nature. She is afraid of letting go of some structure, especially if that means she or others can get hurt. She feels largely responsible about lots of things. While doesn't want to control most things of others and she just wants to make sure that she is safe herself, she can act a little strict. Besides that Talulah needs order, which she can only find if everything is structured to perfection.

EASYGOING● Talulah knows a lot about nature. Some say that she is gifted with animals. While she has a hard time understanding everything, especially the fights the adults get into, she is a totally different person while working with animals. When people are truely interested in one animal or another, she is really easygoing towards them. As a result she will open up about the species and explain random facts at them.  She knows why some animals do things and because of that has the possibility of understanding them and their ways. She does need some respect from others in order to just let them do whatever they seem to be comfortable doing. Her easygoing character also helps her to keep herself on neutral ground when other people or animals are fighting. She actually is a great counselor between animals and people and loves helping the relationship between animals and humans. Of course with her young age she doesn't know everything about every animal yet, and there still are and will always be animals she can't help. She does enjoy helping those who let her in.

INSECURE● Talulah is known to be very insecure about herself and others. Because she doesn't really understand what is going on with outsiders and those who are living in the city. She has a hard time understanding the place she stands in and feels unsure about a lot of things many times. She has trouble telling people her feelings, because she knows not all people can be trusted. Besides that Talulah doesn't want to give others something to worry about and keeps many things silent because of that. Even though she speaks easier with other outsiders than those living in the city, she still keeps most things to herself. Unless she has no other choice than talking about it.

WITHDRAWN● Talulah has noticed it is the best to be withdrawn when being around the city or people she doesn't know. When she isn't seen, she will be out of trouble. Especially when she has to go to the market, she thinks it is best to keep a low profile. Besides that Talulah dislikes large spaces with lots of people since she can't keep her eyes on everyone. She knows that outsiders and citizens of the city are enemies and because of that doesn't want to do anything wrong. She is hightly insecure and very sensitive in fights. This all makes her act a bit like a skittish animal.

Talulah Chilam Juan was born as only child, nine years ago in the middle of a beautiful spring. That evening her mother had been searching for medicinal plants, when the birthing began. Being to far away from the village Myrefall to be helped by the elderly women, she had no other choice than to give birth to the little girl in the wild. Her mother was a highly respected woman, at least under the outsiders. For she was the one people in the city would call a doctor. She was classified among the outsiders as a midwife. She knew about the healing parts of plants and how to use those. Which meant that the people in the village didn't need to go towards the city if they needed any help. While she of course was no real studied doctor, she had learned enough from her own mother to be a successful midwife and healer. Her mother's name was Ayiana Nadie Juan. In the old language from before time it meant something like Eternal Blossom and Wise. For she was one to be loving and kind towards anyone and a very wise person. She knew how to make amends and was not scared to face other people. Besides that her mother was known to be really fierce, a bit like a female warrior. As she saw someone being treated unkind, she would do something about it. After an relatively easy birth, the young woman took her young baby girl with her towards the village. In Myrefall Ayiana reunited with her husband Elsu Nootau Juan. A man who was one of the citizin of Myrefall that were salesmen. He was also known to be a force to be reckoned with. He would not take no for an answer,
while he wasn't someone who picked a fight easily. His name meant Flying Falcon, Fire. For he was born under the skies were a falcon flew. Both parents were not exactly wealthy but they had enough to care for a little family. Talulah Chilam Juan was named after the stream that was nearby as she was born. Leaping Water, Snowbird was chosen to be her name.

The first few years the family was a happy one. Talulah grew up to be a beautiful young girl and was wise beyond her years. Like mother and daughter, she was extremely interested in her mother's work. Which made the young child an healer's apprentice when she was only four years of age. Of course she had not seen anyone giving birth to a child.
She was to young to see anything that painful. More so she learned to care for smalle wounds and some not so serious illnesses. Her father in the mean time worked hard, he was almost always hunting and selling things.
From him she learned to skin animals when she was only six. While he made her hands and dress extremely bloody and did get scolded because of that, it was an experience that let to many more. He learned his daughter to skin small animals, and how those furs could get bought from the market. While she still was more interested in learning about plants and growing them, she loved helping her father in her free time.

When Talulah was just a little over seven years old her mother died of a mysterious illness. No one was able to help her and her soul left this world. Her father got into a depression which meant that she had to take care of herself.
Luckily he still hunted and Talulah knew enough about plants to grow a bit of food. While it were really harsh times,
together with the village they managed. While she was one time hunting together with her father, he got seriously injured by a deer. Talulah had nothing on her to help him and he died from the bleeding and an infection. Talulah didn't know the way back and had no other choice than surviving in the wilds. There she met another elderly man,
who took her in as if she was his grand daughter. He learned her how to survive in the wilds and respect nature.
While she hasn't perfected her skills yet, she can manage to stay alive for more than a few days alone.

MOTHER● Ayiana Nadie Juan
FATHER● Elsu Nootau Juan

● Talulah believes in the good of people, even though she is scared for the citizens of the city. Because of that she is never heard talking badly about anyone.
● Talulah is fairly good in keeping secrets. She believes it is not her right to talk about it with others.
● Talulah has no problem with eating vegatables or meat. She is actually easy when it comes to food. As long as she won't go to bed with an empty stomach, she is a happy child.
● Talulah would love to train and tame an animal when she is older, even though she highly respects the wild side of animals.

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Welkom in de RPG!

Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly
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