Rafael Simons

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Bericht van Rafael Simons op za jul 15, 2017 12:34 am

honey when they asked to take the trash out
they didn't mean it like this.

› Name Rafael Simons
› Age 24 y/o
› DOB 14/07
› POB Ashmore
› POR Middle Class District
› Gender Male
› Sexual Orientation Gay asf
› Rank/Occupation Citizen / Shop Keeper / Fashion Designer. Raf owns a fashion shop at main square.
› Aesthetic: vid 1vid 2
› Faceclaim Anwar Hadid
› Hair color brown
› Hair length semi long
› Eye color brownish green?
› Build slim. muscled. 1m85
› Fashion always in the nude. just kidding. high fashion. mostly black. designer clothes. self-made items. professional. subtle details. jewelry
vid 1vid 2vid 3slideshow 1slideshow 2

Strengths: honest. righteous. loyal. smart. trustworthy. supportive
Weaknesses: shady. strongheaded. big mouth
Interests: fashion. jewelry. cats. moonlight. petrichor. candles
Distastes: being lonely. disappointing others. alcohol. loud music. obnoxious people

- pretty normal childhood
- nothing quite notable

- mom got very sick, but recovered
- their bond grew stronger
- found out he was gay
- dated a few boyfriends
- totally accepted by his family
- started dressing up in a more noticeable way

Since he started developing his own style and identity, he really got into fashion and design. He learned how to draw from books in the library, and studied fashion on his own. His style is very unique, deviating from the steampunk trends. He was kind of insecure about pursuing his dreams, but eventually gave in to his passion. He opened up a clothes store on main square. He tries to keep the prizes as low as possible, so they are affordable to every class. Higher class members often place personal orders, making the pieces more expensive. One thing is sure though, you’ll get the quality you pay for and the prizes are always fair.

Affiliation with the Winter family
After a while, the Winter family heard about his work and decided to invite him to their mansion. The more underground style was appealing to the family, who were trying to upgrade their own appearance so they would diverge more from the public, but not in a condescending way. Rafael seemed to grasp the modern day fashion and give it his own twist, which made his pieces desirable. The High Class followed the new trends set by the Winter family, overwhelming his shop with new orders every day. He sure build his own reputation, which he is very proud of; and might even calls the Winter family his friends.


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Male ♂

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Bericht van Nyx Xiaoyu op za jul 15, 2017 9:24 pm

Welkom in de RPG!

Walking gets too boring when you learn how to fly
"Cute, hero, reddende engel, jezus zelve, de volwassene in de relatie, mijn grote voorbeeld." - CATO 2K16

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Female ♀

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18 y/o

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Chaotic Neutral

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